This break is located inside an old US military base near the Panama Canal (Atlantic Side) with other interesting things to see such as its old Spanish fort San Lorenzo and dense rain forest. This area is currently a small naval center for the Panamanian Police Force. V-Land breaks during the dry season (December-March). V-land's best month is during the Veranillo de San Juan in July-August. The "Veranillo de San Juan" is a short dry season in between July-August that blows strait offshore winds and swell to this region. There are no locals or crowds around this area.

María Chiquita

Maria Chiquita is a beach break with various peaks that move around through the sets. This break is 90 minutes from Panama City on the way to Isla Grande. It is good for beginners or surfers who like to surf with small short boards. There are no locals or crowds around this area.

San Marino

This break is located inside a private complex. It only breaks during the months of December and January when Panama is in the process of changing from rainy to dry season, it's when the NW and N swells from the Atlantic Ocean hit the region. There are no crowds or locals around this area.


Cacique is near Isla Grande (further down the road from Portobelo). This surf spot breaks left on a not too shallow reef bordering a small Island close to the main land. It is not as good as Isla Grande but on certain weekends when Isla Grande might get some crowds, it's the option for the few surfers that know about this spot. The biggest crowd you can expect here is 5 people on a very crowded summer day at Isla Grande.

Isla Grande This break is very fun due to its strong medium sized waves. It has 3 different peaks, 1 left peak, 1 left or right and 1 right peak all on crystal clear water where you can see the reef while you surf. This wave is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers.


Playon is a strong beach break located at a 15min boat ride from Isla Grande. This break is full of nature, birds and other animals such as monkeys and macaws. It is recommended for those experienced surfers due to its strong rip tides and heavy lips. This surf spot breaks 2-3ft bigger than Isla Grande with no crowds guaranteed!

Palenque Palenque is a small town beyond Nombre de Dios, on the way to Cuango. This is a beach break with moving peaks similar to Maria Chiquita, the big difference is swell direction.

Cuango Cuango is a small town at 10 min from Palenque. It is the last town at the end of the road of Costa Arriba. This is also a beach break with more organized peaks bordering some reef points. You can surf hollow Lefts and Rights breaking on sand.

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